We help companies navigate the complexity of transforming digital business and deliver with quality

We believe magic happens when a diverse group of people is tasked with solving challenging problems together. Our goal is to continue building our unique community of humble talent, who love to go beyond the ordinary.


Digital Transformation

Thrive in the digital environment

To stay ahead, organisations need to be able to adapt and to play a new and different game. We help our clients to stay relevant in an ever-changing environment. Whether it is to find new value propositions, launch new products or find opportunities with a new emerging technology, we help our clients to generate new business.

Creating new value propositions

Launching ventures

Exploring emerging technology


Quality Assurance

Finding the balance between technology and business

We help our clients to stay relevant and connected to their audiences. Whether it’s to develop digital services, products or communication, we help our clients to create experiences that have the power to move people and organisations.

Experience and service design

Digital product design

Software engineering


Delivery Management

Rediscover value

Delivering customer value and a seamless customer experience are critical to retaining customers. We help our clients to analyse and understand human behaviour to uncover opportunities that improve products, services and offerings that increase customer lifetime value.

Behavioural and engagement segmentation

Product and content optimisation

Customer and user life cycle management

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Öresund IT is a digital product design and software engineering consultancy that is committed to help organisations uncover opportunities and realise them at pace.